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LF Line.

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Medical and pharmaceutical translations and interpreting
  • documents on clinical trials
  • discharge and other reports
  • summary data about medicaments
  • package leaflets
  • instructions for operation of machinery in healthcare
  • legal issues in healthcare
  • documents required for the registration of pharmaceuticals
  • professional articles for the professional and wider public
  • brochures and fliers on pharmaceuticals and medical instruments
Translations of legal texts
  • contracts
  • laws
  • directives
  • decrees
  • rulings including certification by court translator
Translations of economic and financial documents
  • balance sheets
  • tax forms
  • statements of accounts
  • reports for investors
  • audits
  • annual reports
Technical translations
  • user manuals
  • norms
  • technical reports
  • certificates
Translations of internal and external marketing materials
  • product lists
  • company brochures
  • presentations
  • company and customer journals
  • bulletins
  • websites

Our goal is to establish and develop a long-term relationship with our customers. We work for large Czech and foreign companies, medium-sized and dynamic companies, as well as state organisations.